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Download the example spreadsheet to view the examples referred to in this section.

  • Main Example: Contains 4 door job examples. The data is broken into color coded sections, highlighting each type of process to perform. A working barcode is proved at the end of the section for each cut. Copy and paste the barcode string into the Barcode Mapper Application to view the result in the KvalCAM editing screen. Practice changing data and viewing th results.
  • Main Breakdown: Defines how the example barcode data is processed. Includes if the data bit is lookup or direct. Defines the lookup table values.

Main Example

The Main Example sheet includes four door job examples (see the table below).

Barcode Strings

Copy and paste the barcodes from the spreadsheet into the Manual Input field on the main application screen. Tap the Enter key to begin practicing.

Sample Door Rounded Cutout79.7532.881.375LH3W68H1351468B1M868B2M8Kval(v1.0) Rectangle Round Top Lite 22"x36"5.254012
Sample Door Rectangle Full96.2535.751.750RH3S80H2405880B1N480B2M4Kval(v1.0) Rectangle Full Lite 22"x64" 7.506024
No Cutout Door84.0042.252.250LH0F70H1355870B1M880B2M4NO 0.000000
Pass Through Door79.2534.251.750RH3W0000NO0068NOM800NO00NO 0.000000

Rectangle Full Example

In this example, we will follow the path from an input string to the KvalCAM Door Job page.


Have working copies of KvalCAM and the Barcode Mapping Application loaded on your PC, laptop, or machine.

  • Always open KvalCAM first.
  • Open the “KvalApiBarcode” application.
  • Open the “BarcodeExamples.xlsx” file.

Load the Rectangle Example into KvalCAM

  • Copy the barcode string from example spreadsheet.
  • Paste the string into the Manual Input box.
  • Select Load to Editor.
  • Press Enter to load code into the KvalCAM editing page.
  • The KvalCAM editing page will open containing the data from the string.