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With the KvalCAM Barcode Mapper a barcode that contains door processing data is decoded to create a KvalCAM door job. Using a reader the application transfers the door job data to the KvalCAM host instance for processing or editing.

  • Works in the background with minimal use the Operator’s time.
  • Allows easy editing of the door job data by the use of KvalCAM
  • Can drop the door job directly in the Door Queue for fast door processing.
  • Can be used locally or set up on the factory’s network.
  • Can be used with all machines that use KvalCAM
  • Barcode configuration can be generated locally by factory engineers (Kval will happily configure the barcode to customer specifications at sale of application).
  • History of the scanning is tracked.
  • Any errors are displayed for easy troubleshooting if necessary
  • Manual input of barcode information may be entered.

Barcode Mapper

The Barcode Mapper Application uses the following technology to create a door job from a barcode:

RegExUsing RegEx patterns you can match a barcode string, parse a code, and target specific locations in a given string.
JSONThe format used to represent door data.
J-PathSelects part(s) of the job for modification in any action.


The flowchart below illustrates the basic process of the Barcode Mapper Application.

Barcode Mapper chart

Barcode Creation

Barcodes are symbols containing door specifications that can be scanned electronically using laser or camera-based systems. Most commonly the barcode is created by a CRM or ERP system at the factory.


The Barcode Mapper Application does not read the barcode but listens to a serial port from a hardware barcode reader. The application analyzes the data and passes the required data to the KvalCAM host.


Regex is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. In this application, Regex parses the door data to be processed by JSON and J-Path. Below is a sample of Regex from the Config Page.

There are a plethora of online tools that can be used to learn regex, we like


JSON & J-Path

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a method to store information in an organized, easy-to-access manner.JSON is a widely used data format for data interchange. It is structured to be easily processed by a computer program, and due the text characteristics it can easily be understood by humans.

J-Path selects properties of a JSON object to be edited/updated from the input barcode string. J-Path is used by Actions, located on the Config page, to edit the JSON code to be sent to KvalCAM.


Door Job

The door job is a package of door specifications and door process parameters. This information is then used to process a door by KvalCAM driving the machine. The information created by the Barcode Mapper Application is either inserted into KvalCAM for editing or put into the queue for direct processing.