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Creating API Clients

Using Standard HTTP Requests

Any programming language with support for creating standard HTTP requests may be used to create a client.

Using Swagger Code Generation

To have most of the client code generated in your preferred language you can use swagger codegen. The KvalCAM Web API is defined by a swagger JSON schema file that may be used to generate clients in different languages using a swagger code gen tool.

The KvalCAM swagger JSON schema file is available from a KvalCAM host at http://{host_ip}:{port}/rest/api/v1/swagger.json (see swagger codegen for more details).

The JSON file may also be pasted into the live swagger editor to generate client code. Some small modifications may be required to get the code generated for your particular language to work.


Client examples can be found in our GitHub repository.

Accessing Outside the Local Network

KvalCAM uses simple HTTP without encryption for simplicity and ease of use, if you wish to access the KvalCAM host through a public IP address or hostname you will need to set up either a VPN or reverse proxy for encrypted traffic and controlled access, these topics are complex and fall outside the scope of this documentation.