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You can import and export your KvalCAM job, door, and feature data using the KvalCAM Data Bridge application.

The Context Menu

Right-click the KVAL icon in the Windows taskbar to access the KvalCAM context menu. The menu has the following items:

  • Exit: Select to completely exit the KvalCAM instance, this will also disconnect the API (if configured).
  • Backup Logs: Select to save the data from the machine operation.
  • Backup and Export: Select to compress machine data in a zip file. This file may be sent to Service/Support for diagnostic purposes.
  • Build Info: Select to view upper-level notes about the current build.
  • Release Notes: Select to view the release notes about this version of software.
  • License: Select to view information about the software licenses.

Creating Backups


  1. Select Backup Logs.
  2. Enter description in the Notes field.
  3. Select OK to save the file.


  1. Select Backup and Export.
  2. Select the location to save the Zip file.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Enter description in the Notes. field.
  5. Send the Zip file to desired group.