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A KvalCAM DoorJob is what is queued and run by KvalCAM to process doors in a Kval machine or machine line utilizing KvalCAM.


NameUser defined name of the door job, used to find the door job in the KvalCAM library.
DescriptionUser defined description of the door job, may be used to summarize the job or find the job.
IdUnique library identifier generated by KvalCAM, used in various places in the KvalCAM API.
DoorDataThe DoorData for the job, used to define the properties of the door itself.
FeatureGroupsAll of the FeatureGroups for the job, used to define all of the cuts and work to be done on the door.

Example JSON Structure

  "Name": "Simple 5x5",
  "Description": "",
  "Id": "796e118d-ed56-4f42-81f4-2671e2f8b040",
  "DoorData": {
    "Name": "",
    "Description": "",
    "Width": "36",
    "Length": "80",
    "Thickness": "1.75",
    "Hand": "RightHand",
    "HingeSideBevel": "0",
    "LockSideBevel": "0",
    "FeedRatePercentOverride": "100",
    "DoorFaceMaterial": "Wood",
    "DoorLockMaterial": "Wood",
    "DoorHingeMaterial": "Wood",
    "DoorCoreMaterial": "Unspecified"
  "FeatureGroups": [
      "Name": "",
      "Description": "",
      "Id": "e23d52be-23ad-4dbe-80ec-1ae5d4939bc2",
      "Locations": [
          "TLocation": "0",
          "WLocation": "0",
          "LLocation": "0"
      "TDoorReference": "HingePivot",
      "WDoorReference": "Lock",
      "LDoorReference": "Top",
      "DefinedProperties": [],
      "Children": [
          "Type": "FaceRectangle",
          "Length": "5",
          "Width": "5",
          "Radius1": "3/8",
          "Radius2": "3/8",
          "Radius3": "3/8",
          "Radius4": "3/8",
          "DepthClosestToRef": "5",
          "DepthFurthestFromRef": "0.0",
          "Name": "",
          "Description": "",
          "TLocation": "0.0",
          "WLocation": "$door.width/2",
          "LLocation": "$door.length/2",
          "DoorSide": "Face",
          "Children": []